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A hallmark has arrived ;)

After months of preparation and finally crossing the t's and dotting the i's, we haven been rewarded with a hallmark for two of our webshops. PreloxOnline.nl and Erectiepillen.nl have received the Webwinkelkeurmerk. We are proud the have it and put all our effort in mainting the hallmark. The hallmark protects our customers and distinguish our shops from malicious competitors. We provide good service throughout our network and we maintain to do so. We try to handle each customer interaction (touchpoint) in such a way that it will be above our customers' expectations. To view the certificates connected to the received hallmark please click the buttons below. ErectiePillen.nl Certificate PreloxOnline.nl Certificate

Viagra remains under prescription

Viagra's patent expired, but be aware.

Although the patent on Viagra recently expired, it is not expected that sales volumes will increase tremendously. By the expiration of the patent, pharmaceutical (production) companies will benefit from the success of Viagra. Since the patent has expired these companies can make substitute products containing the same active ingredients of Viagra. However, the expiration of the patent will result not lead to a freely available Viagra. Viagra and its substitutes will remain available solely under prescription.   Once the impotence pill Viagra is an OTC dietary supplement, we will supply it throughout out network. (Potenzmittel.com; Erectiepillen.nl, etc.). Currently our main focus will remain on the herbal and natural erection pills. Mostly these pills will consists of a well-balanced herbal blend which makes them categorized as dietary supplements.   If you have any questions regarding our product range or our network? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


For almost 1,5 years we active in the Dutch market. Through multiple websites we are selling erectyle dysfunction pills (in dutch erectiepillen). One of the websites (www.erectiepillen.nl) is today celebrating its 1,5 year anniversary. The website initially started with products like Libidoforte and Camagra, since the start, these products became our bestsellers. And are mostly sold in: 1. Amsterdam, 2. Ede, 3. Rotterdam. Although some data is mentioned, we will never neglect customer's discretion. All orders, tickets and reviews get top priority regarding the discretion and ofcourse are handled with care. This is one of our USP's and we remain innovation our customer's discertion.    

Just launched Potenzmittel.com

Ihr Lieferant Für Potenzmittel. Alle Marken Potenzpillen.

We are proud to announce our expansion into the German market. After months of preparation we have found a partner who is willing to lend the needed funds to start entering the German Potenzmittel market. The domain name Potenzmittel.com has been acquired in second quarter of the year 2013. After which the design and programming of the ecommerce site could start. Potenzmittel.com had to connected to the existing platform of NB Producten in which orders, reviews and tickets are loaded automatically. This entire process took us almost 1,5 month and delayed the release of the website. (sorry for that Germans) The web-shop is designed in the most optimal way for both SEO and the user experience. It doesn't matter on what device you visit the store it will automatically adjust to that device, in other words it is fully responsive. Currently we are accepting payment methods such as GiroPay, PayPal, DirectBanking, SofortBanking and ofcourse a wire transfer. A separate German bank account has been opened to prevent accepting payments abroad to slow down the process. Potenzmittel.com will focus on the German market and has a larger product differentiation compared to the Dutch stores. Brands like Maxidus, Prelox and Libidoforte are sold through the new website. In addition to these products, products such as condoms (Kondome) and lubricant (Gleitmittel) are sold through the same platforms in separate categories. All the texts have been specially translated for us. Each single product has its unique product images, descriptions, titles and meta tags. In the upcoming months we will publish additional data regarding the products on the websites. What is still to come; product videos, product reviews and a wider product range. Please follow the blog to keep up-to-date. Potenzmittel on the iPhone Potenzmittel.com

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