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One-third of the relationships plans their sex

A recent survey by the Dutch magazine Kek Mama has revealed that one third of the relationships plans the sex. For this group, there is almost no room for a spontaneous quickie, because young mothers are too busy. The study group consisted of 1500 mothers aged between 20 and 45 years.  The same survey revealed that on average young couples have four fights a month, and three percent have a fight every single day. In Love About 20 percent of the mothers questioned indicated that they have fallen in love with somebody else once. However, two-thirds of the amorous mothers did not tell their partner.

Orgasm better than solving a crossword puzzle

According to professor Barry Komisaruk (Rutgers University, Newark, USA) is having an orgasm is better than solving a crossword puzzle. The scientist discovered that this kind of sexual activity a good workout is for the entire brain. A crossword puzzle stimulates only one part of the brain, where sexual activity activates the entire brain. Orgasm and Erection Pills An orgasm might have several other “side-effects.” The sexual climax can alleviate the pain. For instance during pregnancy it might give the women some relieve to all the suffered pain. In addition to pregnancy, depression, anxiety and addictions can be treated with orgasms. During an orgasm the blood flow to the brain increases heavenly.  Due to this increase, the brain receives more nutrients and oxygen. “There could be nothing wrong with that” says Professor Komisaruk against the Times. The professor came to this conclusion by investigating the women’s blood flow during an orgasm while they were lying in a functional MRI scan.

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