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Hjalte Niehorster

At the age of 16 Hjalte registered his first company at the Chamber of Commerce. This company was specialized in designing websites and logo’s. During his study International Business and Management he got in touch with marketing and innovation. After graduation he combined both interests in building platforms and applications on the internet.

With a passion for marketing and e-commerce the current platforms keep on growing. More applications will be added and more web shops will be added to the portfolio.

Besides his passion for marketing and e-commerce Hjalte has affection with Customer Service. At the age of 24 he was the youngest Customer Experience (Telecommerce Feb 2012) manager in the Netherlands at Oxxio Nederland bv. Customer Experience gives him the opportunity to combine his passion for marketing and delivering extraordinary service / experience to every single customer.

“Having a creative, innovative and problem solving mindset helps you to tackle all problems that either you or I will encounter in each facet of doing business.” 

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